About Me

Hello, there! Welcome to my little nook of the internet

My name is Lee, I’m the sole writer/editor/creater on this website which was created out of the love of creating fantastical stories of all kinds and manners. Here you’ll find an array of Dungeons and Dragons related content, from public guides, to homebrew content and the rare retelling of my campaign’s adventures.

As a university student majoring in Visualization with the goal of eventually creating tales and emotional journeys in the format of video games, Dungeons and Dragons has been an outlet for me to practice the craft that I love in my spare time. All of the content I share are my musings and creations for the world I have created for the game table (So if you’re part of Five Guys click off the page, lest you find spoilers) and now have the pleasure of sharing them with you!

All content is public domain so feel free to use it in your own campaign and if you have the time I’d love to hear about it! As a one person team I’m always looking for ways to improve, learn, and connect with fellow writers and game enthusiats, so don’t hesitate to offer suggestions or reach out to me!

What I Do

Full Time Student

Artist and Cosplayer

DM / Content Creator

Video Game Enthusiast